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Real estate is the best investment one can have in this ever changing economic environment. It provides income during ones career life and also upon retirement. In todays changing environment both individuals and corporate landlords are putting huge sums of money in their properties therefore it is against this background and the opportunities inherent therein that has moved Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd into property and facilities maintenance.

Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd is involved in the business of facilities management in commercial and industrial properties as well as domestic homes namely fumigation, carpet cleaning and general cleaning and landscaping. We use both methods of pest control i.e. baiting and spraying and we also do to customers specification. We have seen a tremendous growth in subsequent months since incorporation, overcoming economic, social and a host of other challenges to become a vibrant organization whose presence is easily felt in the market and which can be counted on.

We are registered as a facilities management company in terms of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act as well as the Companies Act. Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in March 2013. We are based in Harare, the hub of economic activities and our offices are at and 113A Fife Avenue, Harare.


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