While most live wild in the tropics, a few, called urban cockroaches, choose to enjoy the moist, even temperature humans maintain in their homes and workplaces.

Except for size, all cockroaches are relatively similar in overall shape and appearance. They are nocturnal and stay in the dark whenever possible. [When they are seen in the open or in the light, it usually means that a large infestation is present.] Cockroaches also like tight places where their bodies can touch surfaces both above and below. As they grow to adulthood, they will seek varied harborage (living space) to accommodate their increasing size. Cockroaches are particular as to where they live. They do not uniformly infest one room or all rooms.

The five most common kinds of cockroaches found in urban areas (listed in order of frequency found) are:

German Cockroaches


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Brown-banded Cockroaches

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American  Cockroaches

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Oriental Cockroaches

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Smoky-brown Cockroaches

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