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We provide fumigation services against the following pests, either by baiting or spraying where applicable:

Common house pests on six months guarantee


While most live wild in the tropics, a few, called urban cockroaches, choose to enjoy the moist, even temperature humans maintain in their homes and workplaces. more…


An animal with a backbone or spinal column is called a vertebrate. Humans, dogs, snakes, and birds are examples of vertebrates, while insects, worms, jellyfish, and snails¬†more…

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are dark reddish brown, oval and very flat. Adults are almost l/4 inch long and become mature in about four weeks when host blood is available and temperature, humidity, more…


The secret to flea population management is the fleas life cycle; the adult must contribute timely nourishment for larvae under special conditions or the young will, more…


Spiders are seldom ignored. Their distinctive appearance, habits, and intricate webs command attention and evoke strong emotions. Given their due, spiders would be,¬†more…


Crickets are well-known relatives of cockroaches and katydids. Like katydids, male crickets sing in the summer by moving hard parts of their wings together; the males are, more…


The most common scorpion is the small, striped scorpion, Centruroides vittatus. This small arachnid is only about 1 l/2 inch long, tan, with two broad dark stripes, more…

House flies

Of the five most serious diseases in the world, flies, including mosquitoes, spread the organisms that are responsible for four: Malaria, sleeping sickness, Leishmaniasis, more…

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